People Issues: Making The Most Of It

It’s been such a long summer. It’s been busy, exciting, overwhelming, exasperating and a host of other emotions.  I must apologize for not giving a hint -to be honest, I didn’t quite expect to be away for as long as I was. All in all, it’s certainly GREAT to be back!

During the course of the summer, I experienced a number of people issues; name them and I bet I could tell a similar tale! So i thought, “what better way to start off!”

It’s a known fact that dealing with people can sometimes be one of the most challenging things to do. Sometimes, even crippling…

Imagine being handed a team you didn’t choose or being stuck with staff you do not want or whose redeployment are not granted.
It gets worse. The mandate given may have also restricted the option of fresh hires. “What then is left to do?” you may ask.

I have put together a few ideas that I believe may ease an already uncomfortable situation. In addition, it may very well lead the way for the transformation of “the misfits” into a winning team.

#1  Everyone has strengths:

First, you must acknowledge this fact. Then you need to identify and begin to channel these strengths towards achieving team goals/objectives;

#2 Don’t be reluctant to have expectations of team members:

Having expectations of your team only confirms your sincerity in #1 above.

#3 Morale boost:

It may also help to boost employee morale by affirming confidence in the identified strengths/competencies. Rev up the atmosphere. Chances are that if you feel your team is inept, they probably have gotten the vibe off you already.

#4 The Vegas Rule:

Personal matters relating to team members’ failings should be kept within the team. Don’t be caught speaking poorly of your team to others.

#5 Lead by example:

If you expect openness and communication within the team, give it. If you demand punctuality and commitment to team objectives, display same

#6 Neither black nor white:

Without micro managing, allow team members enough room to achieve team goals. Set up a practical evaluation session where time-lines, deliverables and outcomes are reviewed.

#7 The Cookie jar:

Remember to reinforce positive behaviour. Develop an environment of trust by giving objective feedback. Acknowledge stellar performance, provide further clarification or reprimand staff when necessary.
People are the lifeblood of any organization, making the most of what you’ve got is not only wise, it’s a smart way of doing business.